Welcome to the Air Force Acquisition Process Model Web Portal

Serving as the central knowledge warehouse, the Air Force Acquisition Process Model (APM) provides the documented current state process in an integrated fashion.

The APM is a compilation of policy, instructions, and guidance that acts as the Gold Standard for persons involved in the Acquisition Process

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The APM accomplishes the following goals:

  • Establish standard definition and activities associated with AF Acquisition
  • Provide process decomposition from DAE/SAE through PM level actions
  • Serve as Standard Reference Model for all stakeholders
  • Provide common context for process improvement initiatives
  • Provide integration context for other external/related process models
  • Provide process input to Acquisition Enterprise Architecture and supports other Enterprise Architectures

Beginning in 2009, the Air Force Acquisition Chief Process Office (ACPO) commissioned the Center for Reengineering and Enabling Technology (CRET) to develop the APM.